About Dr Alexander 

Dr Adam Alexander has extensive experience in surgery and performs independent surgical procedures and clinics. He has previously been both a member and representative of the British Medical Association (BMA). As an elected representative of this body, Dr Alexander had the opportunity to meet colleagues working across the UK and stand up for issues that could affect the workplace or the public and the profession in general. Dr Alexander has published research in the British Medical Journal.

Key Skills  

Dr Alexander’s key skills are dexterity, empathy, communication, public speaking, problem solving, patience and resilience, and he has a proven track record of working well under pressure and getting positive results. He is also interested in maintaining a positive mindset and how this can positively impact healing and long-term wellbeing.

Dr Adam Alexander


Dr Adam Alexander

Dr Alexander is a long-time practitioner of taekwondo and was a Taekwondo Championship gold medallist in 2007. He is also interested in American Football and played as a receiver for Glasgow University’s American football team. This is a sport that tests players both mentally and physically and requires committed teamwork. The sport offers a wide range of positions to play in and is accessible for all body types. Teamwork is as essential in surgical theatre as it is on the field.

Dr Alexander enjoys playing badminton, tennis and golf. He loves to travel and has visited many countries around the world. His most distinctive travel memories include visiting the Grand Canyon in America and the Great Wall of China. Sampling the local cuisine, meeting the locals and learning about the history of the location are activities that Dr Alexander particularly appreciates when traveling.


Chess, Chinese chess, skiing, going to the gym, reading and watching movies are other interests of Dr Alexander. His favourite movies include those in the Marvel and DC film franchises, and the book he’d put at the top of his list is The Lord of the Rings.

Food and cooking are Dr Alexander’s passions, and he enjoys creating British and Italian dishes. When it comes to different cuisines he has varied tastes, enjoying a range of food – from Mexican meals to traditional English afternoon tea with scones.

Dr Adam Alexander
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