Healthcare recruitment agencies can be of benefit to both healthcare organisations and professional healthcare workers. These agencies have an in-depth understanding of the sector and a comprehensive knowledge of the complexities and demands of the industry.

Benefits to Healthcare Organisations

Healthcare recruitment agencies can provide the most appropriate staff with the best skills as and when required, usually quickly and efficiently. This can take the stress out of the recruitment process and ensure that staff levels are met, even when there’s a last-minute issue requiring an urgent staffing solution.

Benefits to Workers

Entrepreneurs such as Dr Adam Alexander, founder of the recruitment agency Tu Recruit, understand that working with a healthcare recruitment agency means that health and social care professionals can find job opportunities more quickly. Plus, these individuals can state their preferences regarding, for example, shift patterns and settings or ask to be matched with work environments that are a good fit for their attributes.

Agencies can offer guidance and support to job seekers throughout the job-hunting process, which may include interview and resume preparation. Many agencies have also established relationships with several healthcare employers, meaning that candidates have a better chance of standing out in an often crowded field.

What Are the Different Types of Recruitment Contracts?

Most healthcare recruitment agencies will offer three types of contracts, permanent, temporary and fixed term, and the ability to choose between these contracts is another advantage of working with such agencies. A permanent contract is a long-term position, while a temporary contract involves the worker being booked to work specific shifts at varying locations. A fixed-term contract lies between the two – a worker will only be contracted to work for a certain period of time, but this is likely to be for longer than just a couple of shifts. Take a look at the embedded PDF for more information on the advantages of NHS and private sector healthcare roles.

How to Choose the Best Healthcare Recruitment Agency

Whether an organisation or a healthcare professional is interested in working with a healthcare recruitment agency, there are several factors to keep in mind to find the most appropriate option, and research is vital. It is important to select an agency that specialises in healthcare placements, has a good reputation and boasts many positive reviews from past clients and job seekers. Responsivity and transparency are also crucial.