Liposuction has once again become the most performed plastic surgery in the US and the most popular in the world, which offers interesting clues regarding the evolution of body inclusivity and acceptance. Before 2021, liposuction hadn’t held this top spot in the US since 2005. And while the second most popular plastic surgery in the US, breast augmentation procedures, rose 4% from 2019 to 2022, liposuction procedures increased by 23%.

A Surge in Younger Generation Take-Up

Liposuction is trending right now, with a particular surge in uptake among younger generations. This is likely to be at least partly a result of the popularity of social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, which has had an influence on the perception and desirability of cosmetic procedures. The rise of the popularity of liposuction among Gen Z is almost certainly linked to this.

Changing Perceptions

Another reason for liposuction’s resurgence is a general changed perception regarding the procedure. It no longer requires an overnight stay in hospital, which has helped it become seen as a low-risk procedure and one which appeals to the instant-gratification-demanding social media generation.

However, those considering liposuction should be aware that the procedure does, in fact, come with risks and potential complications. It’s vital that it’s carried out by a plastic surgeon with years of training and experience to lower these risks. Potential patients should also bear in mind that the recovery time is significant, and it can take three to six months to see visible results of the surgery.

Dr Adam Alexander

How Does Liposuction Work?

Medical professionals such as Dr Adam Alexander, who has an interest in plastic surgery, understand that liposuction may be used to correct and improve bodily contours in areas resistant to weight loss. It works by removing pockets of fat in areas that aren’t affected by diet and exercise and tends to be most effective for those who are near a normal weight and have elastic, firm skin. Liposuction shouldn’t be regarded as a substitute for losing weight.

The procedure is carried out using a cannula that’s inserted into the skin via tiny incisions. The cannula is used to loosen fat, and a special suction device or vacuum which is attached to the cannula sucks the loosened fat from the body. At the end of the operation, the incisions are sewn up. The procedure usually takes between one to three hours to perform

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